Monday, February 19

Our Services

Discount Sales Festivals: Oaks Tranzact runs a yard sale discount festival called The Big Bang Sales. The Big Bang Sales is a fun-filled event hosting various products and services and vendors from different locations to sell at discounted prices and meet with potential customers. It is also a place where you as a customer can shop all your desired wish list items on a budget. It’s an all-around discount event!


Movers, Distress or Clutter Sale: This is a customized type of service we offer to individuals and corporate bodies who need to sell off items quickly or within a time frame. This is usually due to relocation or change of business. So if you are planning a move to a new city and you do not want to carry Old-furniture across town or you need to clear out the underutilized items in your wardrobe, kitchen, garage or space, holla at us and we would organize a garage sale for you!

Discounts Deals Adverts: Let us help you announce your discount promo and deals to a wider audience, on our social media pages and blog. Announcing on your page is good, but not as good as exposing it to a whole new set of customers who can easily be turned to new customers… It is fast, easy and affordable! We are the No 1 discount blog!

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