Derin From Isale-Eko and other Style Stars host a Closet Sale in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos they say, is where every good thing starts from! Seems Nigerians are finally warming up to the idea of Yard-Sale & Closet Sales. Thanks to Derin From Isale-Eko and her other Style Stars, like Noble Igwe, Idia Aisen, Kaylah Oniwo, Bolaji Ayinde, and more, who dared the norm, faced their own scepticism and hosted Lagosians to a fun and warm evening of sales on the 30th of June, 2018.#

Here’s what Derin From Isale-Eko had to say before the event day,

“After tons of messages regarding my style and outfit choices, I have decided to have a Closet Sale. And because of actual fear that people wouldn’t turn up I just kept dragging the plans because I keep saying to myself (I don’t think I look nice enough for anyone to be interested in what I wear) but my friends literally pushed me and even started planning it on my behalf, thank you to all the wonderful people I’m surrounded by.

I really hope you guys show up, even if you think we aren’t the same size, stop by to just say hello and give me a hug, it would mean a lot..

And here’s what she has to say after the event… We’d let the pictures do the talking for her…




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