Why bother about how to dispose those goods you no longer need. why spend when you should receive. why disturb your self over expenses when you can luxuriate your self with cash.

       OAKSTRANACT helps you dispose those unwanted goods without any stress. Thanks to the wish list which provides an avenue for you to meet buyers interested in what disinterest you. But how’s this possible?. Just three simple steps 

    1) visit and upload what ever you want to sell(with the picture of it and every other details) 

    2) wait for a buyer or an interested customer to partronize the goods 

    3) Get your money and upload more #trash~cash#

         Just so SIMPLE. so what are you waiting for why not start making cool cash all at flick of your phone. What if i have to pay to upload what ever i want to sell isn’t that an expense? Well it cant just keep getting better, no payment is attached to uploading of what so ever you want to sell. 

     So why hesitate and slack while other are making cool cash without any pressure. trash your treasure right now to enjoy maximum pleasure.

                    so why not sell your problem for treasure. 



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